Coeliac / Gluten Free, Type 1 Diabetes

Back to school!

So tomorrow, Fin heads back to school and starts his journey in Year 5.
I’ve reverted all his basal rates and carbohydrate / correction ratios back to what they were before the summer holidays and made a record of these in his book.

No doubt, his insulin needs will have changed since the end of July but this will form our starting point and we can then tweak every couple of days based on his readings to get him in range for as much of the day as possible going forward.

His packed lunch is made and his carbohydrates entered into his book:


His care plan and hypoglycaemia flowchart have been updated:

Individual Health Care Plan September 2018

Treatment of Hypoglycemia

His daily record sheets have been amended and set up ready for the school to print off and his Testing Timetable has been amended in line with the new school timetable.

Testing Timetable Sep 2018

Diabetes Record for school

His diabetes bag is packed with Lucozade (with 100ml portions marked out), a bag of Jelly Babies and a gluten free rice cake for break-time.


In addition, his gluten free cereal, wet wipes and tissues (for testing) are packed safely in his rucksack.


And I think that’s it, we’re good to go!

All we need now is some nice steady blood sugars!

Wish us luck!



*All documents are my own work, please feel free to contact me for an amendable copy which I can provide via email*

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