Type 1 Diabetes

To Fin, as you become a teenager!

As I sit here thinking of what to write in this post, I can’t quite believe that you, my baby boy, are a teenager.

It only seems like yesterday you were placed in my arms and you looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I turned to Daddy and said ‘He’s going to be wicked!’ and my God was I right!

Looking back at the photos over the last 13 years has brought back some fab memories.

Like that time you stared out an Eagle Owl aged 5…

Or the time that unbeknown to me you’d been sticking a plunger over your face and I spent days googling ‘weird facial rashes’…

When we were dreading taking you to Florida as you were terrified of characters but as soon as we got there, you were the first in line for photos…

Your various roles in the Christmas Concerts. From a sheep in the nursery to the Mayor from the Grinch in Year 5 (with a cameo as ET thrown in somewhere in the middle)

Your willingness to cross dress whenever the occasion arose…

And your knack of always finding discarded alcohol (can’t think where you get that from!)

That time we went to Cyprus and you insisted on having your own hand of cards but had no clue what you were doing so basically sat there with a card stuck to your forehead all night..

That Christmas where the only thing you wanted was a doll and pram and your life was made when you opened it (much to Daddy’s disgust)

How much you idolised your big brother (how times have changed)…

Looking back, I would kill to have those times with you again, but nothing stays the same forever and whilst they are a reminder of how you’ve changed, there are also plenty of things that have stayed the same.

No matter how many curveballs life has thrown at you in your relatively short life, you never stop smiling…

You are always the joker, posing at every opportunity…

Your love of rugby has never faltered since your first game aged 5

You still have the same lovely friends

You are still fearless and brave..

And you are still the light of my life!

There is not a day that goes by where you don’t make me laugh out loud. You can snap me out of a bad mood in minutes and you are the happiest human I’ve ever met. I sincerely hope the teenage years don’t change your personality and you continue to be the same old Fin, but I guess only time will tell!

Thank you for the last 13 years, it’s been a blast! You make being your mother the easiest job in the world.

Here’s to us surviving to adulthood!

Love you always, don’t ever change.

Mammy xxx

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