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To Cian, as you turn 16!

Here we are again, another year gone in the blink of an eye. I can’t believe in two years time, you will officially be an adult and the very thought of not seeing and speaking to you every day makes me feel physically sick.

But whilst watching you grow up and become more independent is hard, I really think that this year has been one of your happiest. You’ve grown in confidence (as well as height), you are enjoying rugby more than ever, your love of fishing knows no bounds and you are out with the boys far more than you are here! You have a great bunch of friends which seems to grow by the day, and as I type, you are cooking up a storm on the BBQ for God knows how many of them (I’m afraid to look) as a pre birthday get together out the garden.

That young boy who was always so unsure of his place in the crowd, and who never had any confidence, seems to slip away with every passing year and is replaced by someone who takes life a little less seriously, has turned into the joker of the family and gives out as much banter as he gets. It makes me burst to see how happy and confident you are these days, as all I’ve ever wanted is for you to see yourself as everybody else does.

Despite COVID ruining your DEWAR Shield year in Rhondda Schools Rugby, you still had the opportunity to represent them and “enjoyed” (for want of a better word) the intense training all over the summer last year followed by a few tournaments in the Cardiff Arms Park. I’ll never forget how proud I was in that one game, when you sniped around the ruck, making huge runs time after time, and hearing people in the crowd shouting “Who the hell is that kid!” That’s one of the best games I’ve ever seen you play and I wanted to shout “He’s mine actually!” although you’d never have forgiven me.

You’ve loved your last season in the Treorchy RFC Juniors section getting to the Semi Final of the Bowl and coming Runners Up at the Arms Park…..

… topped off with receiving a cap for being dedicated to the Zebras since you were six years old.

You are already loving life with the Youth boys (although I don’t think your liver could say the same) and I can’t wait to see what the next two years of rugby have in store for you.

And then there’s the fishing. When you are actually in the house, your arse is glued to the chair at the kitchen table tying flies for hours on end. If any are less than perfect, they go straight in the bin and you start again. You are the “fly supplier” for the whole family and love nothing more than a day’s fishing with the “Reservoir Goughs”. I love how close you and Steven have got over the last year and I know he enjoys your company as much as you do his.

We’ve had some lovely holidays over the last year too, paddle boarding, fishing, go karting and archery as part of our various mini breaks to Center Parcs, Coppet Hall and Devon.

Lands End as part of our St Ives trip.

Two family weddings!

The Zip Line Safari on our trip to North Wales in October Half Term, where we persuaded Nana to join in and she lasted approximately 4 minutes, followed by a lovely meal where we all cooked our own food at the table!

Days / Nights out at the Principality Stadium supporting Wales.

Finally, a Christmas filled with family and friends

A week of fishing in Scotland in May

Paintballing with the rugby team.

And more visits to Garnffrwd and the Llyn than I care to recall. You are never happier than when you have a fish in your hands!!

All in all, your 16th year has been a great one! I can’t wait for us to leave for Spain on Sunday where I get to spend a whole week with all of you, with no distractions, just chilling out as a family. Then 9 days after we get back, we head off to Portugal for more of the same.

Shortly followed by Results Day!! I just know that you will make us insanely proud when August 25th arrives. You’ve worked so hard for your GCSE’s and I know it is all going to be worth it when you get that little slip of paper in 4 weeks time.

And then it’s Sixth Form and your last chapter of school life before the U word.

I can’t bring myself to say it because I can’t imagine my life without you in it every day.

Even if it’s trudging through the house with muddy footprints, arguing with you over the state of your room, finding another load of soaking wet clothes by the washing machine from you swimming in rivers with the boys, constantly transferring money to you or “losing my shit” at finding feathers in my food because you haven’t cleared the table properly, I will miss it all. Every single second!

But for now, I’m not going to dwell on that. I’m just going to enjoy your birthday and feel proud that I’ve managed to raise such a gorgeous human being, who in 16 years, has never given me a minutes trouble. Long may it continue!

I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you Ci, but I’m grateful for you every single day and I love you more than you will ever know. Being your mother is the easiest job in the world, thank you!

Happy 16th Birthday.


Mammy x

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