Orlando 2017 – Day 14 & 15

Day 14 & 15 – Typhoon Lagoon, a last visit to Outback and Disney Springs

Due to travelling home the following day, we decided to have a relaxing day at Typhoon Lagoon for our last full day of the holiday.

As we normally travel to Orlando in October / November, either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach are closed (alternate years) for refurbishment.

Unfortunately, 2017 fell that Blizzard Beach was closed and being the much better of the two parks, we were a little disappointed to be stuck with Typhoon Lagoon.

We hadn’t visited Typhoon Lagoon for over 10 years, but to be honest, not a lot had changed. The waves are really good fun but after visiting all the new attractions at Volcano Bay, we just found all the slides at Typhoon Lagoon really lame in comparison.


The weather was also quite overcast and I couldn’t help wishing that we had gone to a theme park instead as it was quite cold.

Nevertheless, we made the most of the day. We did all the rides and the boys spent most of the day in the waves.

After going home and doing a bit of packing, the boys had one last dip in the pool before  we headed to our favourite restaurant, Outback. As always, the food was delicious.


The next morning, after packing up all of our luggage and loading the car, we took a few photographs of our home and car for the two weeks before heading to Disney Springs.

We had a wander around Disney Springs and visited the main Disney Store which was decked out for Christmas before arriving at Raglan Road Irish Pub for our 1pm reservation.


They have quite an extensive GF menu and both myself and Fin had beer battered cod in a gluten free batter with chips and tomato sauce which was delicious. It was so nice to have a change from the normal burger, steak and ribs options.

After our meal we visited Erin McKenna’s bakery which is just around the corner from Raglan Road.

Everything is gluten free and vegan and the choices were amazing! You can visit their website here.

We bought a few doughnuts and cookies and you would never have known they were gluten free. They were quite expensive but TOTALLY worth it.

Finally, we went to the Disney Photopass Studio and had our final photos added to our card. We only found out about this by chance and whilst they don’t have a huge array of backgrounds, they were a nice touch to finish off the holiday.


Sadly, it was then time to make our way back to the car and head to the airport.

It was an easy drive and the car drop off to Alamo was really straight forward. We were lucky enough to be chosen for premium security and flew through which was brilliant as the queues for the regular lines were huge.

The flight was on time and uneventful and we all slept on and off all flight after what had been a manic but amazing 15 days.

I can honestly say it was the best holiday of my life and as we touched down at Gatwick, I was absolutely devastated to be home.







Orlando 2017 – Day 13

Day 13 – Hollywood Studios

We had an early start this morning as the boys wanted to do the Jedi training. We got to the car park at 8.55am, gave all the bags to my mother and Andrew and me and the boys bolted to the queue.

It was already huge by the time we got there and we were told there was a 45 minute wait and it was quite likely that we wouldn’t get a place and would be on standby.

The boys wanted to wait anyway but Fin’s bloods were super high which means he needed to go to the toilet every 5 minutes so we explained to the cast member and asked if he could wait with Andrew outside of the queue and then join us at the front once we got there.

He opened the ropes and took us straight to the front of the queue. It was so kind of him and I’m not sure we would have got on otherwise despite being there before park opened. He said people start queuing outside the gates at 8am to get a place.

We were booked on to the 3:10pm session and then had some photographs by the harbour with the Christmas Tree.

We then made our way to our first FP for Tower of Terror. I love this ride and the boys rode it for the first time and loved it too.


After this we headed to the 11am showing of Beauty and the Beast. The boys weren’t amused but I insisted!

Next we did Rock n Roller Coaster. I love rollercoasters but I hate this ride. It really bashes your head around and even though it’s good fun, I could never ride it more than once.


We then watched the Storm Trooper parade and headed for lunch at Backlot Express where me and Fin both had the gluten free chicken tenders and fries.

Next we went to the Indiana Stunt show but it was standing room only so we headed to Star Wars instead and watched the 15 minute film there and then met BB8, Chewbacca and Kylo Ren.

Had to be back for the Jedi training at 2.40pm and the boys got their robes and then marched over to the Temple Stage where they took on Kylo Ren and Darth Vader. It was really good to watch and the Memory Maker photographers took over 500 pictures which they saved to a photo pass card and gave to us for free.

After this we went to Toy Story Mania for our 2nd FP and then had pictures with Chewbacca followed by the Indiana Jones Stunt Show which the boys loved.

We then did our 3rd FP on the Star Wars ride and then I managed to book a 4th FP for Fantasmic.

We walked up to Rosie’s American Diner for tea and watched the new Christmas projection on to the Hollywood Tower of Terror, followed by one more ride in Tower of Terror before heading for our fastpass for Fantasmic.


Despite the FP there was hardly any seats left, but we managed to get some on the side plenty of time before the show started.

I love Fantasmic, it is my favourite end of day show from any of the parks and it didn’t disappoint as always.

It was a bit mad trying to get out and then for the first time ever we lost our car. Wandered around the lot for ages before finally finding it 15 minutes later!

We were worried that there wasnt enough at Hollywood Studios to fill a full day but we hardly had a minute spare.


The park looked gorgeous all dressed for Christmas and they even played Christmas songs all day and had fake snow falling as we left.

All in all, it was an enjoyable but tiring day!

Typhoon Lagoon tomorrow for our last day!

Beth xx


Orlando 2017 – Day 12

Day 12 – Busch Gardens

Everyone had a lie in today and no one woke before 8.30 am.

We left about 9.45 and arrived at Busch Gardens, which is located in Tampa Bay just before 11am.


It was empty there and we didn’t wait more than 5 minutes for any ride. First of all, we watched a Cheetah training exercise.


Then, we did Cheetah Hunt, Kumba, Montu and Cobra’s Curse.


We then went to look at the lions, hippos and crocodiles and then caught the cable cars up to Stanleyville where we did Sheikra and then made our way over to Pantopia for lunch.



We went to the Dragon Fire Grill where they made us two bake in the bag Gluten Free Cheese pizzas which were delicious.


Next, we went on Scorpion and Falcon’s Fury. This is a new ride which drops you 300ft at 60 miles per hour after your seat tilts 90 degrees so you are facing the ground! It was amazing but one of the scariest rides I have ever been on! Once we recovered, we rode Sandserpent and then Andrew and Fin went back on Scorpion while me and Cian went on the Phoenix which is an upside down pirate ship. I absolutely hate this ride as it hangs you upside down for ages but Cian really wanted to do it and it was every bit as bad as I remembered!!



After this we went back to Stanleyville and went on the Stanley Falls Flume. It was a bit lame but we got soaked. Cian was desperate to go back on Sheikra and wait for the front row but for some reason it was closed and then as we were about to give up and go back to the front of the park, it re-opened and we walked straight on and got to sit at the front.

We caught the Skyride back to Edge of Africa and talked my mother into coming on Cheetah Hunt with us. It was one of the funniest experiences I have ever had. She screamed and howled all the way around with her eyes shut and kept asking ‘Have we been upside down yet?’


We then went back on Cheetah Hunt for one last time before getting ice creams and heading home.

Nobody could be bothered to get ready to go back out so we stopped in Applebees on the way home and then had a couple of Coronas in the villa while the boys played pool.




Orlando 2017 – Day 11

Day 11 – Volcano Bay

We packed up as soon as we woke at 7.30, put all the luggage in the car and headed to the diner again for breakfast. Me and Fin both had bacon, sausage and breakfast potatoes. He also had scrambled eggs with his.

After this we headed to Volcano Bay as guests have early access from 8.30 am before the park opens to the general public. You have to catch a shuttle bus in from the main Universal car park if you are not on site.

I had read before we left that as it was newly opened, some people were arriving at 6.30am to start queuing and some were still being turned away as the park was at capacity.

From our hotel, it was a 2 minute walk into the park and we were there with sunbeds right in front of the volcano by 9.15am.

The park operates a Tapu Tapu system where you are issued with a wrist band upon entering the park. Then, if there are queues for a ride, you tap your band against the sensor and it puts you in a virtual queue and vibrates when it’s your turn to ride.

We decided to try and do all the rides beforethe official park opening of 10am to give us the best chance of walking straight on. We managed to do them all apart from the main drop slides in the actual volcano by 10.40am and didn’t have to queue for anything.

The Aqua Coaster which attracts the biggest queue was ‘Ride Now’ and we went around twice as there was no one waiting.

After we had done most of the rides we sunbathed for a bit while the boys played in in the waves which occur every 20 minutes and then went on the wild river which was good fun but the currents were really strong.

Lunch was carnage. You had to queue in a 4 deep line only to then be directed to a specific window depending on what you wanted to order and then queue again to actually order then wait for your food and queue again to pay! It was a totally ridiculous situation and took me 40 minutes from starting to queue until paying, by which time I had lost the will to live.

Then, as I was walking to the table with the 2 GF meals and 3 drinks, a boy walked backwards into my tray and knocked 2 of the drinks all over the floor. He was mortified and kept apologising. Told him it was fine even though I wanted to kill him but at that point was just relived that none of the drinks had tipped onto the food and just made do with the drinks we had left between us.

After lunch, I built up the courage to do the drop slides. I hate them but have this weird thing where I don’t want the kids to think Andrew is more fun than me so make myself do everything that he does!

I did the blue one first. You stand in a capsule, then the floor disappears and you shoot down and then corkscrew in twists and turns until the bottom. It was horrific and water shot into my ears making me partially deaf! Finally, I braved the red one which is pretty much a vertical drop into a horizontal tube. It looks worse than the others but in actual fact it was nowhere near as bad.

The worst part of both rides was the 200+ steps you had to climb to the top! I needed oxygen by the time I got there!

We left around 5.30pm even though the park doesn’t close until 7pm as we had a reservation at Bahama Breeze and wanted to pick up some presents on the way back.

We headed to Bahama Breeze by 8.30pm and was a bit disappointed with the place. There was no real atmosphere there and they had very little GF options meaning me and Fin both had sirloin and mash (which was lumpy) and even though I asked for the steaks to be Medium / Well they were quite bloody and chewy. My mojito was also probably one of the worst I have ever had.

Cian had chicken wings with fries, my mother had goat curry and Andrew had Seafood Paella. They all loved their food so think we were just unlucky. Fin ate half of his then laid out a napkin on the table and promptly fell asleep!


Water parks seem to wipe him out!

We paid the bill, headed home and went straight to bed as we were all exhausted from a busy few days.




Orlando 2017 – Day 10

Day 10 – Islands of Adventure

We all woke relatively early this morning, showered and packed all our stuff and took our cases down to the concierge to keep for the day.

We caught a water taxi and then headed to the Hard Rock Café for breakfast. I find breakfast the hardest meal of the day to accommodate for gluten free. Fin was fine as he had an omelette but I hate eggs so had a glass of orange juice and a gluten free cereal bar I brought with me.

Cian and Andrew shared a pancake stack and my mother had an omelette with potatoes and toast. It came to just under $60 for five of us whereas breakfast in the hotel was $23 per person.

After breakfast, we headed straight into the park and were accosted by a photographer who made us have about 20 pictures by the Universal ball.

61399_110617_000065344 - Copy

After this, me, Cian and Andrew went on the Hulk and Dr. Doom’s Fearfall. Fin requested we do these first to get them out of the way as he was too short. Next, we waited for all the superheroes to arrive and the boys had loads of autographs and pictures with them. Then we went on the Spiderman ride which I love!

61502_110617_000075405 - Copy

We decided to leave the water rides until after lunch as I had a 1pm reservation in Mythos so headed from the Marvel area to Kong: Skull Island. Lots of people have said they weren’t impressed with this but I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the special effects were fantastic.

After Kong, we had half hour to kill before lunch and so Andrew suggested we ride the Jurassic River Adventure as we would “only get splashed a bit!” We ended up in the front row and got totally soaked which was ideal as we headed to lunch!!!

The air conditioning was blasting in the restaurant and so we all sat there shivering while waiting for our orders. The food was delicious. I had a GF Chicken BLT and fries and Fin had a bacon burger with fries. Cian also had a burger, Andrew had a crab sandwich and my mother had an Italian pork panini. The prices were really good value and on a par with the Quick Service prices, despite being a table service restaurant, with all our meals priced between $12.99 and $15.99. Mythos has been voted the best theme park restaurant 6 years running and it’s easy to see why!

After lunch, we tackled the water rides. We did the Ripsaw Falls first and we were absolutely soaked getting off there despite our ponchos! Then we headed to Popeye and Bluto’s barges and went around twice as there was no queue. We were completely drenched through by the end of it but it was such a good laugh!

61801_110617_000020727 - Copy

DSC_0665 - Copy


DSC_0681 - Copy

We then walked back to Hogsmeade and the boys did all the remaining spells with the interactive wand on that side of the park. We had photographs with the castle in the background and then went to Honeydukes and bought a Chocolate frog, some fudge flies and some Every Flavour Beans and finished off with a pint of Butterbeer.

We then rode The Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff and then caught the Hogwarts Express from Hogsmeade back to Diagon Alley and sat with a lovely family from NYC.

Once we got off the train, we had another ride on Escape from Gringotts and then walked through the park to do the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket in the dark. The lady there was lovely and let the boys pick which row they wanted to go in (the front, obviously!) and then when the ride ended she let us go straight back on in the front row again!

We had a fab day in both parks and bought the Universal Photo Pass. It was a bit steep at $99.00 but so worth it as we ended up with over 40 photographs to download and 2 free prints. Considering the ride prints are £25 each, it worked out far better value.

Got straight on a water taxi back to the Hard Rock Hotel, picked up our luggage and headed to our next adventure at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

What a fab place! We had a lovely room overlooking the pool with a kitchen. The rooms are really funky and the pool is open until 10pm with films showing on a big screen. We headed to the Bayliner Diner in the hotel for our evening meal and they were really accommodating.

The chef came out and said he could pretty much make us whatever we fancied and so we both went for chicken strips as we were sick of burgers!

We finished eating around 9:30pm so the kids had the last half hour in the pool while we watched them with a glass of wine. There was such a lovely, friendly feel to the hotel and I would definitely think of staying there in the future.

We all had showers then settled down for the night, looking forward to witnessing the new water park, Volcano Bay, the next morning.




Orlando 2017 – Day 9

Day 9 – Universal Studios

As part of my research before we left, I found out that if you book a one night stay in selected Universal hotels, you get Express Passes to BOTH Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure for BOTH days either side of your stay.

The current cost of an express pass per person per day is $139.99. That means for 5 of us to have unlimited express passes for both parks, for both days would have cost us  $1,400.00, approximately £1,069.00.

For a one night stay in the Hard Rock Hotel and unlimited passes for both parks for both days, we paid £380.00.

You do the math!! It’s an insane saving of almost £700.00 with a free hotel stay thrown in. Only certain Universal hotels offer the express passes so make sure you check which ones are included at the time of booking.

Anyway, I digress….

After packing the previous evening, we left the villa at 8:30am and headed to the Hard Rock Hotel. We parked the car and checked our bags in with the concierge. We were told that despite our rooms not being ready we would be issued with temporary room cards which would double as our express passes and we could exchange these for our actual room cards when we returned at the end of the day.

We walked through the grounds down to the Water Taxi, which we caught across to the parks and headed into Universal Studios.



It was MUCH busier than I remembered and we were so grateful for our express passes. We did the Despicable Me ride followed by the Shrek show, the Transformers ride and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit before stopping for lunch at the Classic Monsters Cafe. Food was  easy enough and they had a variety of options with gluten free buns. We both chose gluten free bacon cheese burgers and fries.

We then made our way over to Revenge of the Mummy, the Simpsons Ride, Men in Black and lastly ET before heading for Diagon Alley.



After visiting Islands of Adventure and Hogsmeade in 2012, but not really appreciating all the scenery due to not having read the books, for Christmas 2016, I bought Cian all 7 of the Harry Potter books and we made it our mission to read them all before we travelled to Florida. I am SO glad that we did as walking into Diagon Alley took my breath away.

I actually felt as though I was there, looking around at all those places we had read about and the attention to detail was out of this world! Cian’s face was a picture and something I will always remember.

We rode the Escape from Gringotts which was fantastic, ate ice cream from Fortescue’s and bought Puking Pastilles from Weasley’s.

The highlight for Cian was the interactive wand from Gringotts. This was rather expensive at $50.00 but it was amazing.


It came with a map of Diagon Alley and all the places where you were able to conduct spells were clearly marked. Then if you moved your wand in the direction shown on the map, magic happened!

Sometimes, curtains opened and closed, items danced in the window, flower pots floated and shoots of water appeared. It really was incredible how they had designed it all and brought it to life and everywhere you looked there were children with beaming smiles!


After we had exhausted every nook and cranny of Diagon Alley we made our way to Kings Cross Station to board the train to Hogsmeade. The queue for the train was quite long even with an express pass so we didn’t get to Hogsmeade, which is in Islands of Adventure, until 6:55pm and the park was meant to close at 7pm.

However, as we walked past the Forbidden Journey ride, it was still open and so we raced to the front of the queue and managed to get on the last ride of the day. It was every bit as good as I remembered.

We then made our way to the Hard Rock Café for our 7:30pm dinner reservation. I had steak and Finley had ribs which were both delicious.

After our meal, we caught a water taxi back to the hotel, picked up our new room keys, collected our luggage and flopped into bed ready for another hectic day at Islands of Adventure.












Orlando 2017 – Day 8

Day 8 – Discovery Cove

Today was our long awaited Discovery Cove day. We had visited the park once before in 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit which meant the park didn’t open until 2pm and the conditions were horrific.

This visit couldn’t have been any more different. The weather was gorgeous and there was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere. We got there about 8:30am and managed to get a dolphin swim at 12:45pm.

Andrew and Cian had also booked onto the SeaVenture experience which was allocated at 10:45am.

As part of the entry fee for Discovery Cove, all food and drink is complimentary throughout the day and so we headed straight for breakfast. It wasn’t great and was served in tiny portions on plastic plates with plastic cutlery which wasn’t that easy to eat with. Whilst you were able to go back for a second portion, the queues were huge and so nobody could be bothered.


As soon as we finished breakfast, we went to pick up our wetsuits and snorkels and the boys practised snorkelling in the pool.

Then it was time to head for the Seaventure experience. We couldn’t see a lot from where we were standing but Andrew and Cian said it was an amazing experience and they managed to get some really good underwater photographs.

Next, after a bit of sunbathing, we had our dolphin experience with Bimini and Rose. It was such a fantastic experience and every one of us thoroughly enjoyed it. As soon as the swim ended, they took us to a hut to see the professional photographs and of course, they are so lovely that you end up buying the whole package for $243.00!!

Once we had chosen our photographs, we headed to the restaurant for lunch and it was nothing short of a shambles on the gluten free front. I had emailed before hand and the manager had sent me a spreadsheet with all the allergens detailed and stating that they could provide gluten free hot dog and burger buns.

Firstly, I stood in the line for ages before I got to the front and then when I asked for GF options, I was told I needed to speak to a chef. There was another lady there with her son who were both coeliac and so when the chef came, we both ordered pulled pork rolls for ourselves and bacon cheeseburgers with fries for the boys.

An hour and 20 minutes later after enquiring twice and the actual restaurant closing, we received cold food and the most pathetic excuse for chips that looked like they had been scraped out of the bottom of the fryer. The man who brought them out simply said “Sorry about the wait, the machines are rubbish!”

By the time we had eaten what was edible, we had missed almost 2 hours of the park. I wasn’t going to complain but as I headed to pay for the photographs, the other lady was speaking to the manager and called me over. I explained what had happened and he said he couldn’t understand what the issue was as they deal with these type of food allergies every day. He very kindly gave me 30% off our photograph package as an apology, which I was more than happy with, and said that he would follow up the incident to ensure it didn’t happen to anyone else.

Despite this little blip, we made the most of our last 2 hours in the park, snorkelling in the grand reef and I totally faced my fear of fish and snorkelled all the way around.

All in all, we had a brilliant day and Andrew and the boys said it was their best day, bar none.

We headed to Outback again for dinner on the way home and this time I went for the ribs with a loaded jacket.

We got back to the villa relatively late and needed to start packing for our mini break as we had booked to stay in the Hard Rock hotel the following night and the Cabana Bay Beach resort the night after.

Beth x


Orlando 2017 – Day 7

Day 7 – A mad day of park hopping!

So, today was scheduled as a rest day but for various reasons, instead we decided to do a park hop to fit in some extras.


Firstly, we went to Animal Kingdom as the boys wanted to do Everest and Flight of Passage again. We had a lie in and got to the park at 11am.


We did Everest first, then the Jungle Trek and It’s Tough to be a Bug again before heading to the Rainforest Café for our 1:15pm reservation.


Our meal was lovely once again and we were served personally by the chef. I had the bacon cheese burger and Fin went for the ribs with fries. We then shared the white chocolate and raspberry cake for dessert.

Our Fast Pass for Flight of Passage wasn’t until mid afternoon and so after lunch we made our way over to Dinosaur again.


Flight of Passage was every bit as good the second time around and I was a little sad that it would be the last time we got to experience it.

Next, we got in the car and headed to EPCOT as Cian wanted to do the Test Track ride which was closed due to a technical error when we were there on the Sunday. He is obsessed with cars and so if he had missed out on this opportunity he would have been gutted.

As we had used all 3 of our Fast Passes, I was then able to book an additional Fast Pass for Test Track in EPCOT.

Tip: You can only book Fast Passes in different parks once you have used all your first three in one particular park. Also, once you have paid the parking at one Disney Park, your ticket covers you for any of the parks on that day.

The boys loved designing their own cars but I was totally unprepared for the speed of ride which took my breath away.


Lastly, we headed to Hollywood Studios for the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular. We were scheduled to go to Hollywood Studios on the 9th November but the Star Wars event finished on the 8th so we didn’t want to miss it.


En route, I booked a FP for Rock n Rollercoaster so that we could ride as soon as we got there. I had forgotten how rough this ride was. I love rollercoasters but this really bashes your head around and I had quite a headache by the time we got off. Once was definitely enough.


There was loads going on in the Studios. There was some screening to do with the Christmas Parade which there were huge queues for and there was also a Christmas event being filmed. In addition, Fantasmic was taking place at 7:30pm which meant we had front row seats for the Star Wars show.


I’m not a Star Wars fan by any stretch of the imagination but it was really impressive with illuminations of scenes from the films along with music and finishing with fireworks. We were really glad we had made the effort to see it.

We didn’t eat at the Studios as we were still quite full from our meal at lunch and so we grabbed some pizzas on the way back to the villa.

Our much anticipated dolphin swim was scheduled for the next day at Discovery Cove and we could not wait!





Orlando 2017 – Day 6

Day 6 – Magic Kingdom

I’m not going to lie. Magic Kingdom has never been my favourite park and after seeing a lot of reviews on the It’s Orlando Time Facebook page slating the crowds, I was kind of dreading our visit.

We arrived at 9:45am, a little later than planned, and queues for most rides were already showing 30 to 50 minutes on the app. Coupled with the fact that it was a gazillion degrees, I was not optimistic for the day ahead. We queued for about five minutes and then the ferryboat arrived and we made our way over.


The park looked beautiful and is already decorated for Christmas. We had some lovely pictures in front of the castle then headed to Adventureland.

I originally had a Fast Pass for the Haunted Mansion but the boys didn’t want to go in (they definitely weren’t scared though!!) and so I quickly changed it on my phone to the Jungle Cruise which had temporarily been re-named the Jingle Cruise for Christmas. We also did Aladdin’s Magic Carpet and Pirates of the Caribbean.

It was 12:10pm by now so we headed to Columbia Harbour House for lunch. Me and Fin had gluten free chicken tenders and chips which were prepared especially and brought out personally by the chef.

Headed straight to Thunder Mountain and then made our way to the parade. We had a fab spot but we were in direct sunlight and I actually thought I was going to melt at one point. The parade was excellent but a lot shorter than I remembered from five years ago.

After this, we headed to Tomorrowland for our Fast Pass for Space Mountain. We then did Mickey’s Philharmonic, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Test Track.

We then had pictures with Buzz Lightyear, which made Andrew’s day, before heading for our next Fast Pass for the Buzz Lightyear ride. We still had an hour to kill after this so I made everyone go on It’s a Small World, the Little Mermaid ride and Peter Pan’s flight much to their disgust!

Next we headed to Liberty Tree Tavern for our dinner reservation. It is a thanksgiving type of feast and all I can say is Wow! The chef personally brought all the Gluten Free courses and everything was delicious.

We had warm gluten free rolls and salad for starters then beef pot roast, roast pork, roast turkey, gluten free stuffing and gravy and red skinned mashed potato. It was so tasty and expertly cooked. For dessert, we had warm gluten free brownies with vanilla ice cream.

Unfortunately, as we were so hungry, I forgot to take a picture until we had almost finished!

We left the Liberty Tree Tavern at 8:40pm just in time to get a decent enough spot for Happily Ever After. This was hands down the best ever show I have seen in Magic Kingdom. The projections onto the castle were so clever and the music and the variety of films they used really made it for me. Amazing!

The show finished at 9:20pm and despite a huge queue for the ferry, we were in the car and on the road by 10:15pm so not too bad at all.

After leaving the villa at 8:45am, we didn’t get home until just before 11pm so it was a very long day.

So….Magic Kingdom … was it busy? Yes

Were the queues huge? Yes

Did we have a blast? Hell Yeah!





Orlando 2017 – Day 5

Day 5 – Aquatica

None of us woke up until 8:45am and so didn’t get to Aquatica until 10:15am but it was empty and so we parked right by the entrance.

We had such a lovely relaxing day. We bought the dining package which was $25 for adults and $15 for kids for an entrée, dessert, snack and all day refillable drinks in a souvenir cup which we definitely maximised the use of, as the weather was scorching.

The boys spent the majority of the day either riding the slides or just having fun in the pool.

The gluten free options for lunch were probably the worst we have come across. They were able to do hot dogs but no fries and I had a burger in between two pieces of hard gluten free bread.

We managed to do all the slides and I even braved the one in a cylinder where the floor disappears form under you. I was terrified but it was actually not as bad as I expected. I made the boys go on first to suss it out obviously!

We left the park at 5pm and then the boys spent a couple of hours in the pool back in the villa before we went for food at Outback.

I love Outback and it’s probably one of my favourite restaurants in Orlando and as an added bonus, they have a extensive gluten free menu!

I had a rib eye steak with a loaded jacket potato and Fin had bbq ribs and a jacket potato. Randomly, as I didn’t want my second side, they brought me two loaded jackets.

The food was delicious, as always and everyone agreed it was our best meal yet.

A very long day awaited us in Magic Kingdom the next day and so we headed back as soon as we had paid our bill.